• How to layer up babies when using a Bambino Merino sleeping bag

    The layers required for a comfortable nights’ sleep will vary from baby to baby. Simply adjust the level of clothing your baby is wearing to suit the room temperature.

    Each sleeping bag comes with a handy room temperature / layering guide as below:

    17 - 19°c
    Option 1 - A long sleeve merino or bamboo bodysuit/onesie AND a long sleeve merino sleepsuit or pyjamas or bamboo coveralls on the outside (2 layers) + (optional) socks if feet are not already covered

    Option 2 (colder weather) - Long sleeve bamboo onesie or full coverall AND socks AND light fleece sleepsuit/footie

    If you choose cotton to be one of your layers, put on the outer layer as you want a fabric that can breathe and wick moisture as the one closest to the skin. Cotton retains moisture and is not as good at insulating.

    In very cold houses where the temperature drops below 17 degrees during the night, we suggest adding one additional layer beneath the sleeping bag (or a light sweater worn on the outside of the bag).

    20 - 23°c                     
    A short sleeve merino or bamboo bodysuit or vest AND a long sleeve merino sleepsuit or pyjamas or bamboo coverall or footie.

    If you choose cotton to be one layer, put on the outer layer as you want a fabric that can breathe and wick moisture as the one closest to the skin.

    24 - 26°c                     
    A short sleeve merino or long sleeve bamboo bodysuit/onesie or vest or coverall only - depending on how sweaty your baby gets.

    27 - 30°c                     
    A short sleeve bamboo bodysuit or vest or just a nappy on its own

    Why are the bags sleeveless?
    This ensures air circulation around baby’s body. Babies that sleep with traditional sheets and blankets rarely sleep with their arms underneath the bedding. Layering a long sleeved merino wool bodysuit/onesie and a sleepsuit or pyjamas or our Kicky Pants bamboo footies or coveralls beneath our sleeping bags will ensure your baby is warm, comfortable and well adapted to their environment in cooler weather.

    It is normal for babies to have cold hands and feet due to their still-developing circulation systems and is not an indication that they are cold. Feeling the nape of the neck or tummy are better body parts to touch when determining body temperature. If your baby is young, you can use our Kicky Pants pyjamas/footies that have built-in 'paws' that you can use to cover their hands.
    What bedding should I use with my Bambino Merino sleeping bag?
    Our sleeping bags are designed to be used on their own – without top sheets or blankets. A flat or fitted sheet on the mattress is all you need.

    Never use a baby sleeping bag with a quilt or duvet.
    Do I need more than one Bambino Merino sleeping bag?
    Ideally yes. Babies spend a lot of time sleeping (well over 9,000 hours in their first two years!) so we recommend you alternate between the use of two Bambino Merino sleeping bags. As parents ourselves we have been thankful for a second sleeping bag on many occasions when an unsettled stomach or particularly soiled nappy has meant the first one is in the wash.
    How long will my baby fit a Bambino Merino sleeping bag?
    Our baby sleeping bags are great value and are designed to fit an average sized infant / toddler from 2 - 3 months right through to two years of age.

    Minimum recommended weight 10lb / 4.5 kgs

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