Our Brands

Bambino Merino 

The founder of Bambino Merino, Rochelle, was inspired to launch Bambino Merino following the unexpected premature birth of her son in 2005.

Aware of the dangers of overheating and concerned about the health of her special care baby, Rochelle quickly discovered that breathable natural fibres are preferable to synthetic alternatives.  When dressed in garments containing polyester her son became sweaty, hot and uncomfortable.  It was then Rochelle decided to create a range of natural baby sleeping bags and clothing - all made from breathable New Zealand merino wool.

Today thousands of babies (and their parents!) around the world are enjoying longer, safer, more restful sleep as a result.  Lightweight and silky soft, superfine merino is perfectly suited to wearing next to delicate skin.  Breathable natural fibres regulate body temperature, keeping baby comfortable, safe and warm - but never too hot - in all seasons.  Reassuringly, it removes the constant worry over whether baby is too hot or cold.  More sleep and less worry are two valuable achievements for any parent!

All Bambino Merino garments have been created with baby’s comfort and mum’s ease in mind.   They are easy to care for and quick to dry. Sleeping bags have been cleverly designed to grow with your baby, eliminating the need to buy numerous sizes and TOGs.  Check out what others are saying about this fantastic brand here.



KicKee Pants

Once you put your baby in KicKee Pants, you will find it hard to put them in anything else.

KicKee Pants wraps your baby in incredible softness and luxury. Made from bamboo, an eco-friendly sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides - it is as gentle on your baby's skin as it is on the environment. CPSIA approved.

Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and anti fungal and can absorb water 3-4 times better than cotton, keeping skin comfortable, rather than sticky, in summer weather. And Bamboo stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold. 

The bamboo plants used in making these clothes are certified organic and all bamboo fibers are oeko-tek 100 certified.

The process of making bamboo viscose that this factory uses is a closed loop process, meaning that the sodium hydroxide used to soften the bamboo chips into pulp is not released into the environment (sodium hydroxide is on the GOTS organic list and is used in many organic cotton lines as a softener, not to mention soap, foods, etc.

Celebrity moms from the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kourtney Kardashian and Jennifer Garner have turned to Kicky Pants for high-quality and environmentally-sound (and completely adorable) clothing choice for their little ones.  Check out some of the media coverage here.



Aroundsquare (AO2) is a small company devoted to healthy development, inside and out.. individual and society. With a focus on child development and transformative education, AO2 leverages creativity and learning for the greater good. 

Aroundsquare's toys are about being creative, and about play in the proper sense of the word. AO2 toys won't entertain you, and they won't teach you.. they don't come with instructions or activity cards, there is no goal, no thing you're supposed to do or make, no right way or wrong way. AO2 toys create the space for the child to play for play's sake.  Is that refreshing or what? And our toys do good too!

People seem to like our toys.  So far we've collected the following: Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2009; Creative Child Toy of the Year Award 2009; Dr. Toy Best Green Product 2009; NAPPA National Parenting Publications Honors Award 2009; Exceptional Parent Magazine's Top Toy Picks for 2009; 2009 Grandkids Superproduct Award; and 2010 Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product 2010.

AO2 is a social enterprise - not a business, but also not a charity.  Unlike regular businesses which are just out to make a profit, AO2 uses a business model that generates profit in addition to furthering social and environmental goals, and supporting the realization of human potential. Aroundsquare is proud to be a Certified B Corporation.  

Proudly handmade in China, from sustainably harvested rubberwood, at a small and ethically run factory operated by Wenzhou Times Co.



At Native Essentials using only natural and organic plant materials is more than a passion, it's a mission because we want to help you reduce your intake of harmful chemicals and experience the incredible power of botanicals.

Native Essentials creates everyday hand-made blends and natural products that can restore, rebalance, heal, relax and revive your mind and body working as an incredible synergy with your natural balance.

After blending plant oils and making natural skincare for some time for friends and family, the founder, Daniela Pelorna, a Hong Kong resident, decided to create a range of products for beauty and well-being that are simply authentic, safe, high quality and truly natural for everybody. 

Native Essentials products have a ‘face’: each individual ingredient is a plant and not a long, hard to pronounce chemical name. Native Essentials - pure, natural, authentic – simply native and essential.