Size Guide

Bambino Merino

Sleeping Bags
Our baby sleeping bags are designed to fit babies from 2 - 3 months right through to 2 years of age. They measure approximately 95cm from neck to hem.  To provide a comfortable and safe fit, the poppers at each armhole must be closed when worn by smaller babies. For older babies, simply leave the poppers undone.

Our toddler sleeping bags are generously sized to give active 2-4 year olds room to move and sleep comfortably.  They measure approximately 118cm from neck to hem.

Both Bambino Merino sleeping bag designs are longer than other merino sleeping bags to allow freedom of movement and extra length to grow in to.




Bodysuits and Sleepsuits
Merino wool is naturally stretchy. It has an inbuilt ‘memory’ which enables it to expand and return to its original size so you may find our garments fit your baby for longer than the age range guide below.  Most of our garments are cut on the generous side to accommodate cloth nappy wearers and for a comfortable fit.

0-3 months to fit babies up to approximately 13lbs/6kg or up to 62cm in length
3-6 months to fit babies from approximately 13lbs/6kg to 18lbs/8kg or up to 68cm in length
6-12 months to fit babies from approximately 18lbs/8kg to 22lbs/10kg or up to 80cm in length
12-18 months to fit babies up to 86cm in length

美利奴羊毛是天然彈性。它有一個內置的 “記憶”,使其能夠擴大並返回到原來的大小,所以你會發現我們的服裝會適合寶寶以下的年齡範圍指南。我們的服裝會因應尿布配戴者穿著舒適。

0-3個月 - 約13lbs/6kg或長度達至62厘米
3-6個月 - 約13lbs/6kg以18lbs/8kg或長度達至68厘米
6-12個月 - 約18lbs/8kg以22lbs/10kg或長度達至80厘米
12-18個月 - 以適應嬰兒長度86厘米

Generously sized for room to grow.
1-2 years fits babies up to 92cm tall
2-3 years fits toddlers up to 102cm tall
3-4 years fits children up to 110cm tall

1-2歲適合嬰兒至92 厘米身高
2-3歲適合幼兒至102 厘米身高
3-4歲適合兒童高達110 厘米身高

Garment Measurements are as follows (in centimeters )


Top Length
(neck to hem)

Outer Leg
(inc. waistband)

Inner Leg         

Sleeve Length
(shoulder seam to cuff)   

1-2 37 43.5   27 30.5
2-3 38.5 51.5 33.5 33
3-4 43.5 55 36 37

Kicky Pants

Kicky Pants clothing is cut slim to enhance the natural characteristics of bamboo's amazingly soft figure skimming drape. Our Kicky Pants collection is made of 95% bamboo and 5% lycra. If you would like a looser fit, you may consider to go a size up.

Kicky Pants 剪裁合身,以加強竹纖維其柔軟及無皺摺。我們Kicky褲採用了95%竹纖維 5%彈性纖維。如果你想更寬鬆點,你可以考慮去的大一點尺寸。

Size                         Weight                   Length               
Newborn up to 9Ibs up to 17"
0-3 months 7-12Ibs 17-23"
3-6 months 12-17Ibs 23-27"
6-12 months 17-22Ibs 27-29"
12-18 months 22-27Ibs 29-31"
18-24 months 27-30Ibs 31-33"
2T 25-27Ibs 31-35"
3T 28-32Ibs 35-37"
4T 33-36Ibs 37-40"
5 37-42Ibs 41-43"